Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of an (air cast) era

Yes its the end of the air cast era. However I am kind of sort of paying the price for not wearing it at all yesterday. My ankle is a tiny bit sore this morning. And I am sure that is enhanced by the 16 lb furball who walked on my ankle while 'patiently' waiting for breakfast this morning (it was 5 am - go away). So I am wearing my air cast while I wait for it to finish getting light out and go for my morning walk. Yesterday I had a VERY long day - worked 8-5 and was gone basically from 715am - 615pm. Which is a very long day for me. Today I will go for a walk, do some work from home and work about 930-345... And then go to a meeting. And pack. I have to do that sometime. I am not ready for vacation.

Now the biggest transition from the air cast era is to find all my left shoes. I have been wearing my right shoes only for over a month. So normally, you wear a pair of shoes and put them away together neatly in the closet (or, if you are a normal person, under your desk, next to the bed, in the living room, etc) but the point is they are together because you wore them together. Well I have two closets I can put shoes in (because I have two 10' clothes closets - yes really and they are mine and I am not sharing) and so some of the shoes are in one closet and some in the other - the rights and lefts are all separated now. So I have to find the matching shoes. Its hard enough to get out of the house in the morning with shoes that match the outfit much less find two matching shoes that match the outfit. It would probably be helpful if I matched up my shoes BEFORE vacation.)

But since I was out of my air cast for a whole day (and I wore matching shoes), my back is somewhat better. Well partially better. I have about two months until I go back to the back doctor so perhaps the new pain meds will now kick in now that I am walking evenly and my back will continue to improve. It is better since I started my new meds but since I started them the same day I got my air cast and have been walking funny, my back has been stressed and painful. So I will go back to being the patient patient (something I excel at these days) and wait and see how my back does.

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