Sunday, September 6, 2009

on sailing and backs

Evidently no one informed my back that the constant wiggling of a sail boat can cause pain. My back does not like waves, swells, and wakes from other boats and other kinds of motion. It hurts. But it was really nice to be out on the ocean again. We haven't been out since last year. My husband had some short term ailment (not seasickness) that caused him to be miserable out at sea as well. But he has since recovered and is doing all sorts of productive things around the house - like dishes and laundry - and I am going out for coffee with a friend. Then we have all sorts of productive things to do such as get ready for vacation. But in the meantime I'll waste time on line.

I did manage to sneak in another short walk yesterday morning but as a result then my ankle started to swell up. I want my damn ankle to get better so I can walk more normally and my back will hurt less. Am I too demanding? Wanting to be healthy? And wanting a cure for cancer? I hope not!

Anyway, today is get ready for vacation day. We have a list of things to do. Tomorrow will be finish up the list of getting ready for vacation... And some gardening. And plant watering. And admiring my rose bush which is still putting out big yellow long stemmed roses (which I find most exciting).

So I should go be productive and brush my teeth so I can meet my friend in 10 minutes (yikes!).

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