Thursday, September 10, 2009

I volunteer

I volunteer a lot. One of the big advantages of working a couple of part time jobs is that I can do volunteer work. I know in certain circles being a volunteer can be considered to being a sucker for more work. But if it is for a cause yuo believe in, I don't think you are a sucker for more work.

Last night started my volunteer season - it seems to dry up over the summer. I haven't done much for a few months. I had a meeting to start planning our local Relay For Life ( to find one near you.) If you have had cancer, go find one, and participate as a survivor. If you haven't had cancer, they all need help with volunteers, donations, etc. Its a worthy cause. The American Cancer Society raises millions of dollars through these events held world wide throughout each year. Ours is probably next June but we are starting early this year. I will handle PR again.

Then in a few weeks, is the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association's annual conference ( which is being held near here for once. I am volunteer for that as well. I will do some PR and will help before and during the event. I take my marketing skills and try to get the word out.

I keep on getting emails from other local organizations who want my help with stuff next week. Well, I maybe a volunteer but I need a vacation so unfortunately I won't help with those. But I do need to make sure I am on the list for the marketing conference in the spring.

Why volunteer? Its a chance to give back, help a cause you believe in, and its amazing what you get in return - appreciation and satisfaction. You also get to meet amazing people doing amazing things.

Anyway, today I have to get moving. I wanted to leave for work in 25 minutes but since I haven't done anything to get ready, that wont happen. I'll get to work a little later... But I will be with out an air cast which makes me happy. Three days out of the stupid air cast and my back is having fewer issues. I won't say its better, because that's not really an option, but it is less painful. We'll just leave it at that.

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Amy said...

It's great that you're volunteering to help the fight against cancer. I think that women need to be more educated about early detection and prevention as well. There are options for younger women to be in control of their breast health:
Of course, this doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to support all women who are fighting, have survived, and continue to live through the fight!

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