Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have now thought

I have now thought about the recommendations and have one word: Stupid. I have read a lot of reaction and had my own thoughts. I think there are two sides to every story and while at face value these recommendations are about reducing patient stress, etc. they were not made up by doctors but by PhDs and deans and all sorts of other well educated, well meaning people who apparently just don't get it. (I don't mean to say there is anything wrong with PhDs or deans but just that they belong in a different field.)

I would like to say that every breast lump I have had I could not feel myself. Every one that I have thought I have had has turned out to be a fat lot of nothing (but a big pile of stress). However, millions of women have found lumps themselves and saved their lives. So clearly another topic on which this group of educated people should shut up about. The point of a breast self exam is to know your body and notice changes. What are you waiting for the magic genie to say 'you have cancer cooties, let's get rid of them?'

Now on the American Cancer Society guidelines, I have another thought. They don't start early enough. Women at age 30 and 35 should get initial screening baseline mammograms. Then start with annual or biannual at 40 if there are no risk factors. But start sooner. Okay, enough deep thoughts for the day. (Muttering about stupid people...)

On Monday I called my back doctor to whine about being in pain and my doubled dose of pain meds not working and to see if I could get in sooner. They called back and said nothing sooner but try Lidocaine patches. I picked them up last night (my insurance saved me $517 for a one month dose - I was amazed) and put two on my back. I think they worked. My back this morning is better. I slept relatively well (except for the cat throwing up next to the bed at 2 am and the alarm my husband reset yesterday morning going off at 5). I like these patches! I put them on for 12 hours and then off for 12 hours. The only problem is one is easy to put on down low by my tail bone but the other is up near my shoulder blade. I had to contort to get it on and will have to be creative to pull it off as my husband is out of town.

Anyway, today I get to go break in my new oncologist. My old one left to do research or something and I meet the new one today. I have a list of 13 questions and a giant list of medications. I also get to go see the medications therapist (psychologist or psychiatrist I can never remember - the one who prescribes) and talk to her about maybe reducing my anti-depressant dose. I'm thinking I want half as much. Then I meet a friend for dinner.

But first I get to take the car for an oil change and am meeting a friend for a walk. I hope it warms up in the next couple of hours because its around freezing right now.

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