Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Random News

First of all some very important news! There will be an Eggo waffle shortage continuing through next year. Yes, really. Kelloggs made a big announcement. Now I can't tell you the last time I ate an Eggo waffle but now I have the urge to go out an buy some while I still can. Then in six months, I can throw out the frost encrusted box and feel gratified I had them during the shortage. I could have eaten them if I wanted. What a marketing ploy!

Then from that stellar health news source, Parade Magazine, comes the news that Optimism is a powerful medicine. Well it makes sense. If you preach doom and gloom and walk around saying 'I'm gonna die' and sit in the corner and mope, you probably will die. But if you go out and do things and keep that nice rosy view of life, you will at least die happy.

Finally, after my post yesterday someone commented about ways not to forget everything and gave me a link to their website: How exciting a website full of tips on your brain after chemo! What a great resource. Then I went there and found out they are selling a book with that title and there is
a link to Amazon to buy the book. But there also is some information that I will have to go read.

Anyway, so today we are being a little lazy this morning - only until Walter's pirate movie ends - and then we are out for a walk before going to brunch and seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert this afternoon. Its supposed to be an amazing show. And my back hurts. How's that for news? Grrr...

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Merideth in Wyoming said...

Remembering after Chemo? Post it Notes for EVERYTHING. It helps a lot. Trust me. I'd sign this but where did I put that post it note? It's here somewhere......just sign me Post Chemo Patient

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