Monday, November 30, 2009

Memory foam

In a continuation on the never ending search for back pain relief, I have moved to memory foam. We were in a store this weekend which had lovely memory foam beds for the paltry price of $2000-$4200. We decided to move on to Plan B, a/k/a another store. Then I started thinking again. (Sorry, I'll try to stop.) What if we took interim steps to see if memory foam is right for us. So I did some research and bought a memory foam mattress topper.

I did some online research and found I could get a Tempurpedic one for around $800 or I could order one from Costco for $150 and wait 10-15 business days. I can't wait 10-15 business days. So I went to Costco, on a Thanksgiving weekend. It was crazy. I went the last hour before it closed and the shelves were desecrated, empty, no stock left. But I got my mattress topper and dashed out.

We set it up and had to wait for it to 'inflate'. It makes our bed look really tall. We weren't sure the cat would be able to get up on it. But we all slept well. My back feels slightly less bad than most mornings so I think its money well spent.

If I have any other options for back pain relief, I'm happy.

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