Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am not alone!

Yippee! It turns out that cancer people are more likely to worry about the side effects of pills and treatments than the benefits. You hear us all muttering to ourselves but if its a 30% risk reduction that comes with an increased 5% risk of leukemia and you are starting at 15% risk of further cancer, why should I do chemo? Or if I take Tamoxifen it reduces my risk of breast cancer recurrence by 50% but then an increased risk of uterine cancer, clots and all sorts of fun things. Yes, no, yes, no, maybe, not another pill, damn it all.

After treatment I think we are all so sick of pills and want to be back to normal that the idea of more pills just drives us crazy. And since it was in the New York Times we know this must be true.

So I am not alone in my moronic, circular, Caroline logic that my husband doesn't understand. I am sick of pills. I would prefer to take none.

Anyway, the stress is getting to the two of us here. And it doesn't help that our lovely cat has decided that he should distribute his toys around the living room every night and run around psychotically to trip us. Last evening we also learned that if we are both going to cook, we need to do so silently and not 'help' the other.

This morning I am off to work and then to see my therapist. Another fun day in my life.

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