Monday, December 14, 2009

More pills, less pills

My goal (and I need to have goals) is to reduce the number of pills I actually take. Currently I take a total of five daily prescriptions and have another four for when I want them. Plus I take over the counter antacids and a lot of vitamins. I am on a mission to reduce the number of pills I take. Just reading all the potential side effects alone has me wanting to cut back.

I have cut back on the doses on two of my daily prescriptions so far. But not the number of pills. There is no hope that I can cut out synthroid ever. But only 3 more years of tamoxifen or a switch to an aromatase inhibitor. I wouldn't mind getting off of the anti inflammatories and back pain medication but that is only a hope for now - I have to see how the next few months go. My anti depressant should go away some time but not for a while.

I did attempt to reduce the number of vitamins and got rid of a few but have to keep the calcium and vitamin D and multi vitamin. I tried getting rid of the antacid but the anti inflammatories are nasty on my stomach so I have to keep that one. I would love to recycle all my pill boxes.

But anyway its Monday morning and its winter but I am off to the post office first thing and then meeting a friend for coffee and another friend for a walk and then go to work. But our holiday cards are now done. Holiday shopping is now done. Now I can enjoy the holiday.


Anonymous said...

Caroline - found this blog while searching for some sites for a friend just diagnosed with BC. I am a BC survivor. That's not why I write. It's about my back. I had constant sacroiliac pain for a year, visited docs, surgeons, chiros, phys therapists etc etc. Nothing helped. Pain every day, especially when I was seated. Then someone who teaches pilates told me to buy a "wedge seat cushion" from a medical supply company. It is 3 inches thick at the back, and 1 inch at the front. At first it felt as though I would fall forward out of my chair. But within a week, after a year of pain, the pain was gone!!!! The cushion forces me to arch my back and sit up straight. No leaning back. I am sitting on it now - got one for my computer chair and one for my car. $33 dollars each. It was a miracle for me, so I think it might be worth trying for you. The price is certainly right. The relentless pain was very demoralizing. Thanks for your blog. Wendy

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