Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I could have written this

Another great organization is Living Beyond Breast Cancer. It has lots of resources and provides quarterly newsletters about the latest news and information for post treatment breast cancer people. I got my newest newsletter yesterday which headlines with "Writing your way through Breast Cancer". Well, doh, I could have written this.

I started my blog as a way to inform people of how I was doing through treatment, etc. It was my way of controlling the information. It has been very helpful to me. But I am not alone. Google 'cancer blog' and you will find thousands. Everyone needs to do what they need to do to get through this lovely thing called life with cancer. Some people create or join causes and fund raise and speak at events. Some people turn into advocates. Some people, like me, babble on and on to readers, like you, who for some reason actually read this stuff. Anyway, my point (I need to have a point) is that I could have written this article for them if they had asked because it has been very helpful to me. And they get a special thank you for saying that punctuation and grammar don't count.

Now there was a disturbing news story this morning. High risk women may actually be increasing their risk of getting breast cancer if they had regular mammograms before age 30. I was high risk because of this pesky thyroid cancer thingy at 19 and then a benign breast lump at 23 and have had regular mammograms since then. Did this cause my cancer? Well, since they use the word 'may' in the title and they still haven't figured out this cancer thing, I am not going to sweat it and start blaming things which are in the past and can't be undone.

Enough about that. Today it is cold but I will be brave (and not whine) and go for the outdoor walk with a friend before going to work for the afternoon. Then I have a meeting and will be home late.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Check out LBBC's blog here:

Survivor said...

Thanks for "babbling." I'm glad to see that it is good for you because it is also so good for others.

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