Friday, December 4, 2009

Living with pain

I was reading some older Dana Jennings columns - he is a columnist on health and cancer with the New York Times. He wrote about living with and enduring pain. Until you get to live with pain, its difficult to understand what someone is going through. There was always someone with a bad back, injury, or something that caused pain. You would assume they were being treated and dealing with it. But now its me. I have all sorts of pain meds and they aren't helping much. Next week I go back to the pain doctor to see what he has up his sleeve - and I hope its a lot. My spine is like a red hot poker of pain running up and down my back. My lower back is a big aching mess. I will take my pills and put on the big pain patches and suck it up until Tuesday.


Debby said...

Oh, Caroline. I hope you get some relief. Chronic pain is, on top of everything else, depressing.

Ann said...

I hope your pain doctor comes up with a good plan too. I understand how horrible it can be to have chronic pain.

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