Saturday, August 28, 2010

All the fun out of life

So after cancer, life goes on and you return to a new normal - you can never go back to being normal, your are now a zebra. After chemo, your system once again appreciates food, your hair returns, and life goes on. And now they say if you drink, you are more likely to have your breast cancer return.

What if life is a tiny bit more stressful than it was in the past and you appreciate that dinner glass of wine a bit more. But now you can't have it. Here's the choice: (A)don't have wine and feel more stressed because your cancer might return or (B)have wine and feel less stressed because you are slightly relaxed about if your cancer will return. Do you want A or B? (Actually, how about (C) have no cancer in the first place?) They are taking all the fun out of life.

Anyway today I am off to visit a college friend. (I was going to say an old friend but we aren't old.) She and her husband live on a lake. I said I can't kayak or canoe but she offered to tow me with her kayak while I float in an inner tube. That could be quite enjoyable.

Actually today my back is not happy. I woke up in the middle of the night and then I tried lying on my side to get back to sleep and ended up in excruciating pain... But I have drugs and will still be able to float.

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linda said...

Three ounces of wine a day is okay. If it's red, then it's got the additional benefit of resveratrol.

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