Monday, August 16, 2010

I've been avoiding my health

So now its time for an update on how I am doing. First of all, my back hurts, all the time, and it doesn't matter if I am sitting, standing, walking, or lying down. It hurts. Sometimes it hurts all across my upper back. Sometimes it hurts sharply in a specific place. The only difference is that if I move around, it hurts less in some areas and if I sit down, I can ice it. Currently I am waiting for my back doctor to call me back to find out the next steps - either an office visit or more needles. I do want to talk to him about trying acupuncture.

This week I see by my therapist and my meds therapist. They are the ones that keep my brain connected to the rest of my body and keep me from freaking out over every little medical issue that crops up in a continual sequence in my life. These are conveniently scheduled one day apart so I will have two trips to the same place one right after the other.

At the end of August I have a follow up with my radiation oncologist. She is very nice and quick to order more tests if she thinks they are needed. One time when I had a visit with her, she loved the pair of shoes I was wearing and we talked about shoes as well. She's Russian and rolls her R's so its fun to listen to her as well. I'm not as concerned about seeing her.

I also have scheduled myself for a skin check with a dermatologist. I don't think I have much going on in that area but there is this spot on my leg I would like checked. I don't think its nothing but after a childhood in the sunshine and many sunburns and skin cancer in the family, I would prefer to be checked periodically. I haven't been getting checked yearly as I see far too many doctors.

I am then supposed to meet with the dietitian. I am not sure if I will go back. I do the right things. I lost a few pounds. I want to keep losing more. I am not sure I want to keep going to her at this point. I have enough doctor appointments. She tells me I am doing the right things as well. This is meant to be one last follow up with me. I don't know. I may cancel it.

My next medical adventure is a day where I have thoughtfully scheduled both a dentist appointment and a visit with my medical oncologist. The dentist should be just a cleaning. At the oncologist, I want to talk to her about a bunch of things - perhaps I will even put together a list before then...

Otherwise, my lymphedema seems to be under control. The new exercises I was given at my last visit seem to have helped control it so I have stopped wearing my sleeve (which was a pain in the neck). My ankle seems to be healed. I am supposed to have a December appointment (which somehow is not on my schedule) and I may or may not cancel it anyway if it continues to feel better.

So my medical life keeps chugging along. I still go to the doctor too often. My back pain and residual fatigue are what slows me down more often than not. But I'm still here.

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