Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What were they thinking?

I don't understand.

1. A Pop-Tarts store in Times Square. Pop-Tarts are not the most nutritiously balanced food available. They have sugar. They have white flour. They have chemicals. But when I was young (before I knew better), I loved the cinnamon frosted ones especially after they were in the toaster. But a Pop-Tarts store - 3,000 square feet of it in Times Square.

2. Teacher's union fights for Viagra coverage in their health insurance. Never mind that the school system is $30 million in debt. Its not normally covered by insurance but apparently its seen as an equality issue. Insurance costs would probably go up if they covered Viagra but apparently the teachers don't care. Its an equality issue and they are more equal than the rest of the country who doesn't have Viagra coverage. (Just think if Viagra was covered by insurance, we would all get less spam.)

3. Don't push your friends into the river if you don't know if they can swim and maybe you should all wear life jackets. This is very sad and very stupid.

Three cases of 'what were they thinking'. I don't know but clearly there needs to be some thought process somewhere.

1 comment:

linda said...

I just don't get the interest in pop tarts. They don't appeal to me at all.

How does coverage of Viagra have anything to do with equality?

Too many acts explained with "all in fun" are only fun for the people who get thrill from being in control of others.

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