Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paying the price

Today I am paying the price. Yesterday I had fun. I got together with a college friend. She runs half marathons and I don't so she is probably in better shape than I but that, of course, didn't stop me. I went to visit her yesterday. She went for a run before I got there so she should have been tired.

We hung out on the rocks behind her house on the lake. Then we went for a little hike - 3-4 miles through the woods and got caught up on marriages and old friends. After a brief shopping stop, we decided to cool off by floating around her lake on tubes. After successfully flipping from my back to my stomach on the tube and staying dry, I was over confident and assumed I could handle tubing. I erroneously attempted to navigate off the tube and onto the rocks. On my first try, I stayed mostly on the tube but did not get onto the rocks. But of course did not stay on the tube and ended up in the lake with the tube upside down over my head. I did make it on to the rocks eventually but my tube floated away - but conveniently floated over to the beach which was our final destination.

I swam ashore after my tube. Upon successfully retrieving it, I attempted to sit on it while standing in water less than a foot deep. I ended up in the water with the tube floating away - again. I retrieved it. My friend got to laugh at me twice in one day.

I do admit to being tired after all that but decided I should just drive home. By the time I got home, I was wiped out and spent the evening sitting - this meant my husband cooked dinner and cleaned up. I didn't sleep well again last night. Today so far, my back hurts. I am exhausted. I don't have many plans for the day. In fact, my plans include the living room couch, the DVR, and my laptop. I think we will go for a walk as well but it won't be very long.

I think my blog is boring lately. I was going to write something more profound, scintillating maybe, intellectual possibly, or just plain interesting but am too tired. I need to rest up for my doctor appointment tomorrow morning.

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linda said...

What an adventure! Glad you had fun. The boring blog syndrome is [I think] flattened affect, an after-effect of chemo. How do I know? Because my blog seems boring to me too. There's no joy in anything I do. Feels like my brain's been squashed.

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