Sunday, August 1, 2010

Its on a need to know basis

Apparently many older American's don't understand the new health care law and how it applies to them. Well, I don't either. I mean I understand bits and pieces of how it applies to me and a few little things about the Medicare portion of it. But I don't really understand most of it. I figure I'll pick up what I need to know when I need to know it - its really just on a need to know basis.

The National Council on Aging apparently thinks we need to know now so they have set up a website. Honestly I tried deciphering the results of the survey they did but I need more caffeine to have it make sense. Its kind of like trying to read a word problem in math class and then deciphering how they presented the results. (But that is not just the case with this study, many studies do this - I think this is how statisticians keep their jobs by having to keep clarifying what they did.)

At any rate, if you decipher it you will learn that older people and younger across America are confused. So let's all be confused together until its time to need to know.

Today I am in Minneapolis staying at a very nice hotel with my friend. A question though is if you are in a room with two beds so probably two people will stay there, why do you only have one coffee and one decaf little packets for the coffee machine? Shouldn't there be two coffees and two decafs? This is making the assumption that one person will want one and one the other. We both need caffeine. So plan B is to split the caffeine and buy cups to go in the lobby.

We are off on the next stage of our adventure to head to Bayfield WI. I've never been there. She's been there once, long ago. We have to navigate our way across WI without getting lost. We have a map.

Now how does my back like travel. It doesn't. I got an ice pack when we finally go here - after lunch downtown and a brief trip (and two pairs of shoes later) to the Mall of America. Then I reused my ice pack before bed and at 3 am I took pain meds. Today my goal is take all my pills at their regularly scheduled intervals.

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linda said...

how fun! a road trip! love your description of the explanation fo the health care plan. I'm going to a seminar: Health Care Reform on the 16th "Learn more about the new health care reform legislation and what it means for cancer patients." Will let you know what I learn.

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