Monday, August 9, 2010

What does one have to do with the other?

I admit I am a reality cooking show junkie. I watch them all - Top Chef, Next Food Network Star, Chopped, Top Chef Masters, etc. Some I am addicted to, others not so much. I don't like the challenge ones as much.

So yesterday I had to start to get caught up on all my DVR'd cooking shows from vacation where I didn't get to watch any. On one of them, one of the contestants said something along the lines of 'I can cook better than the other guy. I have been through so much more than he has - I've had cancer and four surgeries.' My inner thought is that's half of what I have been through - cancer twice and eight surgeries so shouldn't I be twice as good a cook as the guy on TV? But then he's on TV and I'm not which tells you something right there.

So what does having cancer or any other health ailment have to do with cooking skills? This isn't the first time that someone was saying they were better in whatever it was, because they had cancer previously. I can remember at least two other shows where this has happened. Granted the shows try to play up the personal quirks of contestants to create more drama. But what does cancer have to do with cooking. They never clarify that. I'm not sure it does other than the fact that during chemo, nothing tastes good.

I also watch two different news shows where one of the newscasters has had cancer and was relatively public about it at the time they were going through it but they don't bring it up all the time. Does it make someone better at what they do because they had cancer? Or are they going for the sympathy vote?

Now there are times to play the cancer card (if you aren't sure what this is, go read 'Crazy Sexy Cancer' by Kris Carr for more details). But if you sign up for a competition, you really shouldn't use your your cancer or other health issues as a reason for being better than anyone else. Nor in the workplace. I don't see how one has anything to do with the other.


I'm back from vacation which means there is laundry to deal with, the cat is neglected, the mail is piled up, and my back hurts. Well it hurts all the time, but I will actually do something about it and call my doctor today about it. I need a prescription refilled and if a human answers the phone I will whine about my back as well as get the refill. If I get voice mail, no whining, just a refill. But I am working from home so the cat will feel less neglected and the laundry might get folded.

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linda said...

Welcome back! Although you never really left. Thanks for blogging through your trip. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

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