Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am not sure how this happened

I forgot about my upcoming radiation oncologist appointment. I mean I knew it was coming but thought it was a few more weeks away. I thought I had more time before worrying about it. You can't visit an oncologist without worrying. You know you are in trouble when you make that first oncologist appointment.

I actually have two oncologists - one radiation and one medical (chemo) oncologist. I'll see my medical oncologist in a few weeks. This is my annual follow up with my radiation oncologist. I think I see her for five years or so after treatment ended to make sure there are not any long term side effects. She is a very nice Russian woman with a long hard to pronounce name so she is called Dr. G by most people. We often compare shoes in addition to talk about how I am doing. But how did I forget about this?

1. Maybe I am less stressed by the cancer business than in the past. Well that is an option and partly may be the cause.
2. I have no brain and just completely forgot about it. This is a definite option.
3. I was ignoring it and thought I had weeks to go. This is definitely part of this as well.

I am going for mostly 2 with a little bit of 1 and 3 in the mix. But now I have to get my little list of questions for her together. Basically it will be a bit of an exam followed by lots of questions. I need to bring her up to date on my other issues - include my lovely, ongoing thyroid adventures (that I am definitely ignoring).

Well today the rain has finally stopped and I am very optimistic that my garden will burst into bloom. We barely had rain for 2.5 months - one night of showers since early June - and my dahlias are very late with other flowers gone dormant for a while. But three days and more than five inches of rain later, it has turned green all over again. I am not able to stay home until my flowers bloom but must go to work all day.


linda said...

You have a lot of doctor appointments to keep track of. You've done a great job only missing one.

Lauren said...

Putting off the worrying was probably really beneficial. You deserve some time to relax your mind and focus on other stuff. Hope you still had enough time to be prepared for your appointment.

Best Wishes,
Lauren (

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