Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can if I want to

I have a transportation dilemma. I live on the border of two towns. It is just over two miles west to the next town's center and just about two miles east to my town's center. It is relatively flat to both towns. Both towns have libraries, banks, farmers markets, grocery stores, and other necessary stops in life. 90% of my life is contained between these two points. I have many transportation options.

I can drive. I consider myself lazy to drive to one town center or the other for one thing and make an effort to combine trips. Many of my trips don't even require me to go as far as 2 miles so its kind of stupid.

I can take a bus. There is one approximately every 5-10 minutes to my town and once an hour to the next town. Its relatively cheap but it involves standing around and waiting. I usually am too impatient to wait. But on a rainy day, it can be much better than walking.

I can walk. I often do. In fact there is a multi-use bike path parallel to the main road which I can walk on. But then I have to carry things.

I can't bike. My back does not allow me to bike. I have given my niece my bike. I really liked my bike (it was fuschia and mine for nearly 15 years) but with my back issues I can't bike so I gave it up.

I could roller blade but I have a feeling my back would not like it. And then you have to carry a pair of shoes to switch to in stores and other places. How to carry things home?

I could get a motorized scooter. But road traffic is busy and they are relatively expensive, not necessarily green, and may require a motorcycle driver's license which would be a hassle to get. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the bike path.

I need options. My latest thought (and feel free to disagree - my husband thinks I'm nuts) is a kick scooter. I could use it on the bike path. It would get me places quicker than walking. I could fold it up and lock it at a bike rack, run my errands, hop on and head home. Yes I would have to carry things as if I was walking but I would be vertical for a shorter period of time which helps my back. If I got rained on, I could hop on the bus. It would be green. It would be easy to store.

The problem is what if I buy it and then my back really hates it? I have to ponder that. But I can if I want to.


Judie said...

I like the kick scooter they make them for grownups? I might look into that myself...

Anonymous said...

I bet if you asked to borrow one for 24 hours from someone on the A list that you might get a loaner to try it out....this is a great idea!!! Or you could go high end and buy a Segway! Robin

linda said...

With your back, have you checked to see if you qualify for a medical mobility scooter [like the ones at amusement parks and stores] through insurance? There's one on for about $700.

linda said... has more selections.

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