Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two opposing sides of cancer

First we have the pathological liars, greedy people, deceptive people, and other words I can't use here (without offending) but we'll just call them the *(&)^^%%^$%^&#^$*^&%*(&(^*_)*(^* people like Ashley Kirilow of Ontario, CA who told her whole family and friends that she was diagnosed with terminal breast and brain cancer. People came out of the wood work and raised money for her. She received approximately $20,000 in donations and a trip to Disney World before her own father turned her in. Good for him I say. It must have been a very difficult decision to turn in your own child. But now she is spending the weekend in jail awaiting a court appearance on Monday.

It is unfortunate that people like this make it more difficult for the real worthy charities more difficult to raise money. I will not give money to any charity who calls me on the phone. I insist they send me a letter and allow me to make a decision. Recently on a phone call, they tried to explain to me that they wanted a pledge up front for budgeting purposes. Well, that's their problem not mine. Send me a letter and I'll think about it. If I want to feel pressured I'll go shop for a used car from a guy with a bad greasy comb over.

Now the other side of cancer is taking place around here this weekend (and the weather is cooperating this year). Its the Pan Mass Challenge which raises around $31 million for the Dana Farber Cancer Center. This ride, has varying lengths, and requires the riders to individually raise around $3000(+/-) (which I find an appalling amount but that's a post for another day).

These dedicated people not only train to ride nearly 200 miles in two days but they also spend hours, days and weeks raising the money that provides life saving cancer treatment for thousands of people. Senator John Kerry is even riding in it this year.

So the two sides face off - the dedicated volunteers who donate their time and efforts vs. the woman in jail in Canada (and I hope she spends a fair amount of time there and gets counseling). Who would you prefer to hang out with? I prefer the honest ones myself.


linda said...

How do you attract all these shameless advertisers?

I'm a non-profit skeptic. Too much of the monies raised pays for first class air fare, high salaries and perks, expense accounts. What percentage of the funds for that race go to the cause?

Caroline said...

@Linda - this event is actually very good. See their stats. But yes I am a skeptic as well which is why I don't donate on the phone.

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