Friday, December 13, 2013

Always admire the man in the pink tutu

This German gentleman showed support for his wife during breast cancer and is now raising awareness and funds for the Carey Project. He only wears a pink tutu and takes pictures in surprising locations.

You can read more about the Tutu Project here.

And admire some pictures of him in a slide show showing up in unexpected places. They are also selling the prints to raise funds.

Imagine this. His wife gets breast cancer, he shows support and travels the world in his pink tutu, and they end up turning it in to a fund raising program which provides financial support for women with breast cancer, after treatment, and for their family members.  We should all be so generous.

1 comment:

Kruties Vezys said...

It's sooo... Hear-taking, I shuold say. I have never heard about this project, but know, I will read more about it.

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