Monday, December 23, 2013

LAME advice from an oncologist on breast cancer

I believe this article was originally an announcement of a new doctor at a teaching hospital in Houston. But was later retitled "Oncologist advises what to do when after breast cancer diagnosis"

It is very LAME advice. I actually do not consider it advice, may be on a very basic level.

“My advice for any woman who suspects she may have cancer is that she ought not delay seeking treatment, even though it can be very scary and anxiety-producing,” she said. “My advice for newly-diagnosed patients is to bring one other person to your visit. It is very helpful to have extra eyes and ears to help you remember what is discussed. A breast cancer diagnosis is often urgent, but not emergent. That means that you can obtain a second opinion if you feel like you need one. If something is not clear, it is OK to ask.”

Let me add, she is 40 and obviously never had breast cancer. She should not be in the advice giving department at this level. And what the hell does 'emergent' mean to a breast cancer patient anyway? Is it going to emerge from her skin if she takes too long?

I'm sorry. I have read lots of good advice from all types of doctors and this just is not in that category.

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