Sunday, December 1, 2013

Telling your story

In recent months I have alluded to friends and family with health issues. I haven't provided details as it is not my story to tell. If they wanted me to share their story I feel they would tell me. But as this is my blog and not their friendship circle I doubt that would happen.

You are probably also aware that I don't always tell my medical (mis)adventures until I am ready. I have many reasons for this:

  1. Sometimes minor medical issues become overblown because of my medical history. Its one thing if my doctors say to me 'with your medical history we have to be sure' and send other me off for another series of pokings and prodings. But its another thing if I have friends and family call me up unendingly over little things that are nothings. It drives me crazy.
  2. Sometimes minor medical issues become much bigger ones (as a result of the additional pokings and prodings) that I need time to digest, figure out a treatment plan, and how we are going to handle it.
  3. If I wrote about every twinge and pain, I would have everyone bored to death in hours. This is why my husband accuses me of whininess now and then
I realize there are normal healthier people than share their medical adventures much more openly. That is their choice.

Privacy is something that can't be restored once broken. You need to allow people the option for privacy.

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