Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cancer and the common cold, take 852

I have been  known to whine blog about the lack of cure for both the common cold and cancer. I first actually blogged about this in March 2008 ( if you have been reading along. I mean they both basically suck and neither has a cure.

The common cold is just going to make you miserable for a short while; cancer will make you miserable for a longer period and is more likely to put you in your grave.

But now some rocket scientist medical researchers said "What if we start treating cancer like the common cold?". To my chemo and fibro fogged brain, this sounds like a bit of a stretch. But I can understand the semi logic here. If you have two things you cannot cure, what if you reversed what you were doing and tried something different? Its that old saying if you keep doing something over and over again, what makes you think you will get a different result? Or something like that.

So what they did was reprogram a patient's T cells and put them back in and voila the cancer goes away. You can watch the video here:

Or you can read the whole article here. I find it very cool. Right up there with tumor paint that I had blogged about a few weeks ago.

So maybe cancer research is going in the right direction, now that they turned around.

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