Sunday, March 2, 2014

A look back on blogging

When I started blogging almost seven years ago, I wrote for my friends and family. Now my blog is read by people I don't know. There have been ups and downs.

Some days I have brilliant ideas and write about them and no one comments. Some days I have brilliant ideas and forget them before I can start writing and end up writing some pile of drivel that people read for some reason.

Some things I write about I believe are really boring. Sometimes I have attempted to be controversial. I think I am mostly boring. But hey I am not writing a screenplay or anything so I can be as boring as I want.

My blog has been picked up by places far and wide - everything from Parade Magazine, to, to, and more - for whatever reason I have no idea. I have been selected by Healthline for one of the best breast cancer blogs - another thing I find amazing. Why do all these people care about the crap I write anyway?

I get to follow other people's blogs, and some people actually follow my blog (very impressive). My blog even gets shared by some of these followers.

I get comments sometimes. I get spam comments offering me a spiritual or miracle cure for cancer. Or other crap. I also get supportive comments which are nice.

I will say one of my top blog posts ever is "A Lame Blog Post" that ended up on Beforeitsnews I think. And got a comment along the lines of: "This is such an awful blog post". Then why did you read it if said it was a lame post?


Unknown said...

Congratulations sweetheart! I'm so proud of my pink sister! I use to blog to vent before Breast Cancer. Now I need to start back up for therapy but you're will always top! I do better on short stories lol!

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