Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today my attitude is "I don't care"

I would have started with some extra adjectives in there but didn't think they were appropriate for the title. How has my week gone? Well if you are reading my posts, you can tell it hasn't been the best week. By the time I got to work yesterday afternoon my co-workers said I looked either very tired or "enough already".

But I still had to work for the afternoon and go car shopping. I was exhausted before car shopping and ended up in bed early - maybe I am over this 'spring forward' crap.

What was the medical roller coaster like yesterday? Hmmm well the part about me was that my doctor's office called about my blood counts and one of them is a 'bit' off and they had questions for me. Of course the doctor is on vacation so they will get back to me next week.

This morning I go to the neurologist to learn what the hell is going on with my hands and what is known as 'bilateral tingling' in medical speak. And it could come back with another 'I don't know' and more tests or an express pass to the hand surgeon for carpal tunnel surgery. Whatever the answer is, I am not very comfortable with this as I associate neurologists with needles and nasty tests.

After that I go to work. As a result of the current car issues (anyone want to buy a car?) I am driving my father's baby - which is a brand new electric Prius with only 4000 miles on it. I am petrified something will happen to it and I will be disowned. He has been to sick to drive so it is actually very nice that I can use it for a few days while we figure out the new to us car business.

I hope to get to the gym this afternoon to work off some stress but am not sure if that will happen because we have to go back to the car dealership and see if we can make a decision. Which car, how much to spend or do we move over to another dealer?

I don't care. I have tuna fish on a salad for lunch which I enjoy. That might make me feel better and less stressed. But other wise I really don't care.

I think I'm going for apathy today to avoid undue stress.

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