Monday, March 10, 2014

The worst day of the year

Today is the worst day of the year for Americans. We are all going to be wandering around sleep deprived. Watch out and stock up on coffee.

I heard yesterday on the radio (which is much more reliable than the internet) that it takes about a week for a human's internal clock to adjust to this hour ahead business. Monday is the worst day for accidents nationally as there are many sleep deprived drivers out there. Productivity will be down as well.

I have always hated the time change weeks. I just never get enough sleep for a week. It makes me whiny or even cranky. Crabby too!

To top it off, I am looking a weather map which shows more than a foot of snow for the middle of this week. If we had to spring forward, where the hell is spring damn it!?

Oh dear, crankiness may be showing already. Oopsie.

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