Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm on a yarn crawl, I'm on a yarn crawl!

No I am not at home. My husband and the giant cat are home to guard the house so burglars forget it. They are also supposed to be repainting the upstairs bathroom.

I left Friday morning to visit my brother who lives in Rochester, NY. I have to drive 400 miles in each direction. When you get to Albany, after over 2 hours in the car, the GPS says "Take I 90 west for 200 miles, then take exit 45". That's very depressing. I don't use the GPS any more until I get off the highway. (Just don't tell my brother I don't know how to get to his new place from the highway without directions.)

So with anticipation of this fun drive, even if I refill the CD player, I have decided to make a few yarn store stops. I have picked out two to stop at on the way there, two for while I am there, and two the trip home. That will be six total which is plenty. I will probably buy too much yarn but it will be fun.

For those of you who don't know, I knit and crochet scarves, cowls, and headbands which I sell at craft fairs in November and December. This keeps me busy year round and gives me some extra spending money in time for the holidays.

I am getting away for a change. I have had a lot of stress and too much to do at home so I need some time away. I think it is relaxing because in addition to spending time with my brother, I have fun with my nieces and nephews and the two new kittens. I am screening my phone calls as well as ignoring my email.

I return home tomorrow night. With a big bag of yarn. And will see a newly painted bathroom I hope. Maybe we will even be able to pick up our new car - which is another cause of stress in itself.

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