Thursday, March 6, 2014

Now that is a misconception

Yesterday afternoon I went to the gym after work. I know a bunch of people there, mostly women, that I chat with while there. Do I remember their names? Of course not. I am sure we introduced ourselves in the past. I recognize them, they recognize me. We chat about the latest  news, weather, our inabilities to balance on one foot as much as we should, and more. And skip addressing each other by name gracefully.

There is one woman who is always relatively stylish, excessively thin, and very much a doer - always on the move. I can't remember her name if you paid me a million dollars. She always says she likes talking to me because I am so perky and positive all the time. (???) Now that is a misconception.

Yesterday I stopped her by saying I was ready for winter to be over. She replied she never heard me say anything negative. (!!) I said it was due to be above freezing for five days in a row so our giant glaciers (still 2.5 feet of solid snow drift I can walk on in the front yard).

She said she was glad to hear me say a positive thing because I never say negative things. I'm always perky. Yes she called me perky.

She has such a misconception. Not that it is a bad one. I think I won't fill her in on the real me.

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