Sunday, March 30, 2014

So what did I do wrong?

There is a new study out there saying that half of all breast cancers can be prevented. So what did I do wrong? That's what I feel. When I first read this I thought that its good news. But then I started thinking. What did I do wrong to get breast cancer before 50? Is it some how my fault?

I eat a good diet, I get exercise, blah, blah, blah. And there I end up with cancer. Twice. Maybe its my elementary school which is currently being turned down because its full of PCBs. Maybe because I stayed up late, smoked, and drank some. Who knows. But don't make it my fault.

But then I decided what I really don't like is the title of the article I first found: "Up To Half Of All Breast Cancers Are Preventable". That article was based on an article written in CA, A Cancer Journal for Clinicians where the original article is called "Priorities for the Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer" . Its all in the wording. Take the blame away from the patient please.

If you read the original article, it focuses on prevention options such as exercise, healthy weight, alcohol consumption, and more. Patients who drink alcohol, do not exercise, and/or maintain a healthy weight, have a greater risk of developing breast or other types of cancer. That's helpful.

Before breast cancer, I was thinner, exercised and I less to drink about, so go figure

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