Friday, March 21, 2014

OMG A picture without makeup? How scary!

Okay, this is just dumb. As far as I am concerned this is right up there with the Facebook fad of a few years ago where women posted their bra color or purse color to show their support for women with breast cancer. It was a secret and men were not supposed to know.

But if you are daring you can post a picture of yourself, a selfie, without makeup (!!!) and text it to a UK charity to donate 3 pounds (think of this as $5). The charity has raised over 15,000 pounds (which is somewhere in the $25-30K) range depending on the day's exchange rate.

While I support small organizations which provide local support for those with cancer, I find it sad that we have evolved into a society so dependent on artifice that a selfie without makeup is supposed to be shocking.

I rarely never wear make up these days. Maybe I'm lazy, or cheap, or not hung up on the way I look, but you would not catch me participating in this because I simply hate the way I look in pictures.

On some levels it is fairly ingenious as a way to get people to donate to their organization, the no make up thing just gets me. Why couldn't they just have people text a picture of something they like? 

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