Monday, January 11, 2016

Connect the Mind with the Body

The 'all-powerful' insurance companies have been mandated by law to cover mental and behavioral issues the same as physical ones since 2008. But just because the law says so, doesn't mean this really happens. (Didn't I just blog about this? I did, yesterday. And then today's Boston Globe has an article on this very subject.)

The new way of health care payments, the global payment system, may actually lead to better care for the emotional side of treatment. The payments are made per patient and not per treatment and an emotionally healthy patient is probably better at managing their medical treatments.

"The hope is that global payments are providing incentives for insurers and providers to finally raze the longstanding wall between mental and physical health care, since reimbursements are based on patient outcomes. Potential benefits are obvious — people suffering from both diabetes and depression, for example, would be more likely to consult a doctor for diabetes treatment if their mental outlook improved. Conversely, depression might ebb in patients who keep their diabetes under control."

For anyone who went through chemo, didn't you just have some days where you were too tired and too sick and too sick of being sick to want to go through chemo and someone had to persuade you to go?

So maybe with this global payment system,which is not yet perfect and shows some gaps for some patients, will help with this. At this point, I am happy that I am not the only one who cares about the emotional side of being sick.

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