Saturday, January 2, 2016

Exercise for RA Pain

I go to the gym three times a week and get in my hour of cardio. But I am not out to break speed records nor do I set the bike or stepper for great resistance. I want to get my heart rate up and benefit from regular cardio exercise.

Now a new study has come out (because we need more studies) that says that 'Rigorous Exercise Could Aid Rheumatoid Pain'. The researchers had the subjects go through high intensity interval training such as spinning. The subjects benefited from reduced weight and increased oxygen saturation but not increased pain.

Frankly the idea of trying that kind of exercise petrifies me. I have never tried spinning, even when I was healthy. It just looks too intense for me and has never really interested me.

I realize a lot of people when diagnosed with rheumatoid or other autoimmune/chronic ailments cut back drastically on their exercise. This may be because of actual or anticipated pain. I cut back on my exercise plan because I couldn't finish it. But I still kept my hour of cardio. It was suggested that I cut back. I ignored that (yes I have been known to ignore advice I don't like), feeling that if I can keep up exercise as much as possible, I will.

I have good and bad days with pain. But the idea of overexerting myself has no appeal. I mean sometimes I do things I probably shouldn't - you can ask my husband about this. The problem with over exertion, whether its running too many errands or just packing too may boxes, is that I pay the price for a few days after. So you won't catch me in a spin class.


Becky said...

The point with interval training isn't so much about spin. You could it it with your regular cardio by making it more intense for 60 second then normal for 2-3 minutes and repeat. The idea is to vary your heart rate which help release endorphins and such which reduces pain. I think spin is an extreme example but I don't think it needs to be extreme to be benefial. Just a little push fir short intervals three or four times during your normal workout. said...

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