Sunday, January 3, 2016

Being an adult or cleaning the oven

We all have our quirks I know. I just have a fear that the stove will blow up if I clean the oven. The oven gets so hot and smells. I won't run the self cleaning feature overnight or leave the house while its running.

I have memories from my childhood of my mother cleaning the oven with those really nasty toxic chemicals. They smelled, they foamed, and then you were supposed to just wipe out the oven - using a sponge which would be immediately thrown away and wearing giant yellow gloves because it was so nasty.

After college, I lived in several different apartments with room mates and occasionally would break down and clean the oven. None of us ever wanted to. I mean, its probably one of the least fun tasks on the planet. I have a friend who jokes that instead of cleaning the oven, she moves - even if it means buying a new house, or a new stove.

I learned to compromise. I just kept a piece of foil in the bottom of the oven and another on the lower rack to catch all the spills. Then with an occasional wiping out the bottom and cleaning the window periodically, I was good to go for years.

Then along came self cleaning ovens. They were a huge advantage. You could skip the chemicals and let the self cleaning part work all by itself. But its smells like something is burning and might set off the smoke alarm. And I am never comfortable.

I kept using foil. Its worked just fine. I never clean the oven. I hate using the self cleaning feature, I always feel like it will catch on fire or something.

We are moving and we need to leave the house 'broom clean'. I have accepted that this means the oven needs to be clean. So this morning, I woke up and figured out how to self clean our seven year old oven. It took me a minute but now its cleaning itself right now. But it smells like a burned out potato skin and the house is filling with smoke.

But I am being an adult and facing my fears that the house will not burn down. We all have our quirks. And I will call my friend later today and tell her I finally cleaned the oven, because we are moving.

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