Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bed Shopping

The one thing I definitely wanted in our new house is a new bed. We have been talking about getting a new bed for a while anyway and as my health continues to be oh-so-wonderful I really want a new power bed - the kind that you can raise your head and feet.

Yesterday I made my second educational expedition to the furniture store to learn about options. I had gone last fall to find out about options for split foundation and king vs. queen size. Now I know how furniture fits in our new bedroom and wanted to learn some more.

I think I now know what I want for a power base - I want the fancy one with the anti-snore feature. That's where you can raise the head of the bed a tiny bit and quiet the snorer - which is one or the other of us, depending on who you ask. Its not that expensive and there are many much more expensive ones.

One feature included in the fancy power bases is that they can provide a light massage. But fibromyalgia can make you hyper sensitive in many ways including to vibration. I might just need to block the massage feature. But if I can get a better night's sleep, I'm all for it.

The next step is to get my husband to the store with me so we can figure out which mattress we want. I claim its for my health and getting a good night's sleep and therefore a justifiable expense. But there is a bit of hesitation in our house as to should we spend the money. But its for my health!

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Dylan Lovell said...

Getting a power bed is a great idea! It will help you to get a better nights sleep and the anti-snore feature is really nice. We recently just purchased a power bed and it has the fancy anti-snore feature you were mentioning and it really works. My wife no longer complains about me snoring thanks to our power bed. I wish you the best of luck on your bed search and hope you find the perfect one.

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