Thursday, January 28, 2016

Maybe I'm doing better

So people ask me how I am doing. Or if I miss a phone call they want to make sure I am okay. But maybe I am doing better. We moved and I get to live on a single floor most of the time. I retired and have more time to get things done.

However I still run out of energy, regularly, maybe even every day. Well, not every day, just a fair amount of time. A few errands and then I need a nap. So unpacking is going slowly.

I have had two days back to back of lots of errands and I ran out of energy both days. Last night we had pizza delivered because I was too tired to cook and then I fell asleep on the sofa. (I hate when I fall asleep on the sofa because then I have to get up and get in bed to go back to sleep and I never feel rested after that.)

Today I have some phone calls and one errand. I will take it easy and get plenty of rest. This may mean less unpacking but I think its more important to get some rest. And I am behind on my Lifetime movies on the DVR....

I do think we have a better quality of life here. The news from yesterday's local police report included: "At 12:35 p.m., an injured squirrel was reported." Not that I had concerns for my personal safety where we lived before but if local crime includes an injured squirrel, I think its a safer place to be. And the cats would be happy to check on the injured squirrel for the police.

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