Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aggravation issues

First happy birthday to my blog - its 3 years old today. Which means I am three years out from my breast cancer diagnosis. This has been one heck of a ride but I'm still here and still blogging - thanks for reading!

I came home from work yesterday and decided I was very aggravated and stressed out. Grrr...

1. Itchy mosquito bites make me cranky.
2. Job #1 had work deadlines and I was trying to squish in too much work yesterday and hence ended up rushing and am not too happy about the way everything came out.
3. Job #2 has deadlines that are now past. I hope to finish today but am not sure I can.
4. Itchy mosquito bites make me cranky.
5. I ate my own cooking for lunch and it did not sit well in my stomach. I hate it when that happens.
6. Thunderstorms while driving home from work on the interstate.
7. Itchy mosquito bites.

I tried to solve it all by going for a walk between rain storms. It started raining again and I got soaking wet even though I was wearing a rain coat. I came home and made a cup of tea to warm up. Then I had a hot flash and and was overheated. Triple grrr. Life goes on.

Today is going to be a fun day. It starts with an 8 am dentist appointment, then I have to run an errand and return some things I bought before the 30 days are up, then I get to go to job #2 and pick up materials to finish said deadline on this project, and then I go to the dietitian, and then I go for a walk, and then we go pick up the cat from my parents (always an endeavor) and hopefully Walter's new computer will be there too. No I don't have enough to do these days.

Now about the dietitian. I am going back to see her to see if she has any secrets to tell me. Basically if I starve myself at 1200 calories a day, I can lose tiny bits of weight. But I like food too much. I like cooking as well. I tried and didn't really lose weight and didn't like the food I had either. This wouldn't be a short term change, it would be a permanent change and maybe I would be a tiny bit skinnier but I would be eating boring food.

I am going to bring in some lists of what I did eat. I did learn from writing down my food online at but I feel like there is not much else to learn. My medical history and medications make losing weight a near impossibility so maybe it is really good by to my size 8 wardrobe. But maybe there are other things I can do. This could prove interesting.

Did I say my mosquito bites are itchy? And I have an 8 am dentist appointment?


linda said...

itchy mosquito bites would make me cranky too. what kind of work do you do?

Caroline said...

@Linda - I do marketing and development work for two different organizations - one for profit and one non-profit.

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