Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No I wouldn't want that job

We all know that, whether we like it or not, there will be a healthcare system overhaul in the US in the coming years. Well, woop-di-doo. Here comes more bureaucracy, and offices in Washington, and a bunch of mindless 'idiots' telling the rest of us what to do. Or more importantly telling hospitals and insurance companies what to do while improving our health care while reducing costs (which somewhat oxymoronic).

Now I don't mean to say I am opposed to health care reform - I think our current system is awful and changes are needed. What ever the changes are there are some people who will like them and some who will dislike them and some people hate the whole idea overall. And there are parts that will be amended hundreds of times. But that is not my point. It was voted in by our politicians who represent us and since we elected them, we sort of, indirectly voted it in. And we are stuck with it.

So who is the lucky person who gets to run this program and be in the spotlight answering questions on it and supporting it and justifying all decisions? I have no idea but I really would not want that job. Can you imagine how many people will hate that person and hold them personally responsible for all their health care issues? They could easily become the most hated person in the US. Well maybe I am overstating this but I would not want that job.

This morning I received an email from Walgreens asking me to set up an online account where I could order prescription refills and better manage my medications. I did try but I need to call them. It might be helpful. Or like many online term things, I will set it up and then never return to use it... The internet must be littered with blogs that aren't updated and accounts that are set up and never used.

Yesterday I had some unpleasant pain episodes with my back and hips. Unpleasant in that I sat motionless in pain for a few minutes to wait for it to subside so I could move again. Grrr!!!!! Today I will take more drugs and ignore it.

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Lauren said...

Funny you should complain about your back as I'm sitting here with heat therapy patches all over my back. I don't know if they are helping but the smell of icy hot radiating from them is giving me the illusion that I'm being proactive. Hope your pain goes away soon!

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