Sunday, June 27, 2010

My brain doesn't work

I do believe buried inside my skull is a brain. It just sometimes doesn't work right. I find myself forgetting to send attachments to emails chronically. I type the wrong word all the time. I meant to write 'winter' and wrote 'weekend'. I meant to write 'online' and I wrote 'long term'. I do this all the time. So sometimes if what I write doesn't make sense, this is a failure on the part of my brain which controls my typing. They just disconnect.

This morning my back is moderately unhappy with me. We had a small party yesterday and need to do some cleaning as a result. As well as eat a lot of left overs. Its also laundry day. But first I will drag my husband out on a morning stroll. He says he doesn't want to but I will persuade him.


Diane LeBleu said...

Good morning! I came across your blog - I googled 'best cancer blogs' and there it was right at the top. I am a fellow blogger - I did some writing about my breast cancer last year at the NY Times parenting blog Motherlode and was out looking for some inspirtion on the subject. I'll check out some of your favorite blog links. Are there any humorous sites in all these? Looking for some fun. Cancer is not funny - but life can be.

linda said...

Hmmmm. Very interesting. So chemo brain is real!

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