Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I don't know what is going on

Yesterday I was supposed to work from home. So in the morning I made hummus, 3 bean salad, did some weeding, went for a walk, and had lunch. I sat down with my laptop on my lap, feet up on the coffee table, TV on a recorded show, and feel asleep for an hour. I was so tired when I woke up, I then went up stairs to get comfy and feel asleep for another two hours. Yes I slept for three hours yesterday afternoon. I did not do much work as a result. And believe it or not, I actually slept all night last night as well. I don't know what is going on with this. I admit I didn't sleep that well on Sunday night but I never nap for three hours during the day time. Maybe a 30 minute snooze once in a while.

I did some research once I woke up and some of my prescriptions have the side effect of somnolence which is just a fancy word for sleepiness. But does that translate into three hour naps? Last week at work one day I was ready to fall asleep after lunch but I got up and walked around and was okay. I don't know. I'll keep track and if it keeps happening, I'll talk to my doctors. Once I figure out which one to call on this. That's the problem with lots of doctors - who to call. If you only have a primary care, its easy. But I have a primary care, medical oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist, back pain specialist, orthopedic surgeon for my ankle, meds specialist... and I am sure there are that I can't remember because its too early.

Yesterday I did breakdown and call my back pain specialist. I was supposed to wait until it was a month after my last procedure but after spending three days in lots of pain, I decided to call sooner rather than later. They will call me back and let me know what's next. I have a feeling it will be an office visit so he can press on the sore spots on my back and say 'lets stick more needles in you'. Sigh. I hate needles. But if the pain goes away that would be nice.

Clearly I am not in the group of cancer survivors who forgo medical treatment. What I find interesting about this is that the article says cancer people skip treatment because of costs. I personally think they should have factored into this the idea that cancer people are just sick of going to the doctor and taking meds. There is the desire to be a normal healthy person again instead of a pill popping cancer person. Just my two cents here.

Today I have to motivate and go to work. Then I am going back to my ankle doctor for what I hope is the last time. I may end up with more PT but it is feeling a lot better these days. I could have canceled but I do want to know when it should feel completely better. Its been 10.5 months since my nano second of stupidity and it would be nice if it was healed.

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linda said...

Fatigue is part of the program. Maybe moreso than nausea and skin peeling from radiation.

As I've been told, sleep is the most important thing you can do for yourself at this time. Then, when your body has had enough, you'll bounce out of bed like a thoroughbred out of the gate.

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