Monday, June 14, 2010

Exercise during treatment - its a yes.

I take a daily walk, I think I might have mentioned it a time or two. I started more than ten years ago and I didn't stop during treatment. I went for a walk daily. I didn't skip a day just because it was treatment day or I felt crappy. Maybe my walks got shorter and slower some days but I did get out there. Everyone encouraged me to do this. I walk on the treadmill at the gym if the weather is really bad. To skip a walk, I had to be hospitalized and then I would get up and walk around the halls (which is kind of depressing to walk in hospitals and see all the sick people).

Anyway, its nice to see some thing in the mainstream media about the importance of exercise during cancer treatment. I am currently walking 6 days a week.

Its Monday morning. I am eating oatmeal. We decided that one day a week we should have oatmeal so Monday mornings=oatmeal here. Its week 2 of this plan and its still working. I also need to work from home today and go for a walk (now there's a surprise). I also need to do some weeding. My back really does not appreciate weeding. I am attempting to weed in short stints of 20 minutes a day to stay ahead
of them but so far the weeds are winning. I know I have other things to do today but I can't remember what they are. Perhaps its time to start a list.

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lalaingurando said...

you're writing today is so in the moment zenlike.

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