Friday, June 4, 2010

I jinxed myself

Yesterday I said everything was feeling okay. I jinxed myself. Well by the end of the day yesterday, my back was killing me, my arm was feeling funny, and I didn't sleep well last night. Wah! I took a pain pill last night and tried to get comfortable to sleep.

There is nothing more infuriating than going to bed and listening to your spouse fall asleep in less than five minutes and an hour later you are still listening to him. Then I woke up around 3 and was awake until 4 and then around 5 and then I got in another tiny snooze. Add in a few hot flashes and a headache and I feel just ducky today. I think I will just go with the 'I'm fine and ignoring everything but might be a touch crabby'. But I'll go work by myself for the day so I don't have to risk being a crabby co-worker.

Actually though it is Friday and the weekend is approaching. I am working today and meeting a friend for a walk. This weekend is also the local big Greek festival. I will walk over this afternoon and get us some dinner - the lines after 5 pm go down the block but if I sneak in early, we can enjoy it at home. We are going back on Sunday for lunch with a friend. Tomorrow we are actually going to attempt to be social and go to a party in the afternoon. I have to fit in some weeding as the weeds are taking over my garden. Unfortunately the weather may not cooperate.

Maybe I'll take a nap before going to work today.

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Debby said...

Tim falls asleep immediately. And then begins to snore. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but sometimes...oooh...

Hey, pick me up some moussaka while you're at the Greek festival. I miss Greek food.

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