Thursday, June 10, 2010

The other side of this cure business

This reasonable article tries to explain how these little advances are really bigger than they appear. But from the voices of people living with cancer, I have just one thing to say 'HURRY UP ALREADY!!! We are sick of waiting.' Forty years since the war on cancer began, and 29 years since I started dealing with it, this waiting business is a bit tiresome.

Enough on this tiresome cure/treatment business. Today is a rainy yucky day. The kind you want to stay in bed and read trashy novels and watch movies. Unfortunately I can't. I need to go to work. I can't wait to drive on the interstate on a rainy day with a bunch of idiots. And he high temperature will be 58 - welcome to summer in New England.

Yesterday I worked from home and then did some gardening. I went to the library and got a cookbook a friend recommended. I got a pasta machine at a yard sale a few weeks ago and I want to make home made pasta this weekend. My new goal. I have no idea why I am inspired to try to make home made pasta but I do. There is no reason to hope that this will be gracing our dinner table frequently. After one try, the pasta machine (purchased for $2) may never be used again and will be unceremoniously stored in our basement collecting dust until my husband convinces me to get rid of my 'crap' as he so graciously calls things.

Anyway, I digress. I need to motivate. But I am feeling lazy.


BreastCancerRegistry said...

I miss the warm, sunny summer days as well. I wish you luck with your pasta machine, maybe it will make up for this weather.

As far as this cancer research goes, it really is unfortunate that it takes so long. The best suggestion I have while we wait is to check out: By sharing your experiences on this site, you can help change the face of breast cancer care.

Marlene MacPherson said...

Hi Caroline. Great Blog! I am a stage three breast Cancer survivor and a mother and out of treatment have launched a new cooking show Marlene's Meal Makeovers. I would really appreciate any feedback you may have my website is and my blog is Best Health to you!

linda a.k.a. lalaingurando said...

handmade pasta melts in your mouth like butter only better because it's got some yummy sauce all over it. Maybe you won't make more than one batch, but I think once you've tasted it, you'll crank out more of those long ribbons of gustatorial heaven. From someone who has never MADE pasta, only eaten the kind you're going to make.

PS - wow you're getting a lot of advertisements....with all the shameless marketing i might as well include a link to my blog as well

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