Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was not a good day overall

Yesterday morning started off nicely. I went for an early morning walk and saw a fox (really) in the local conservation land. I had a nice meeting and then got some more work done so I felt productive. I even got hold of my back doctor's office and have an appointment to see him tomorrow - which is amazing. I usually have to wait months for him to have an opening. Then it all went down hill.

My big event of the day was the wake for a co-worker who died last week from cancer. He had ocular cancer several years ago and had been fine ever since. He went to the ER in early May with digestive issues and was diagnosed rather quickly with cancer in his liver - from his original cancer - but with a relatively good prognosis. They started chemo but he went downhill very fast. He was rediagnosed with fast growing, incurable cancer in his liver and he died last week at home with his family. It was six weeks from diagnosis to death. He was even in the office two weeks before his death. We were all fairly shocked by the whole thing.

Anyway while I was driving to the wake, I missed my exit on the interstate, in the pouring rain, had to go 8 miles to the next exit to turn around. Then I drove home in rush hour traffic which put me in a wonderful mood. And there was road construction and more rain.

Once home, I started cooking dinner and opened the cabinet over the stove and about 20 ants came rushing out at me. They had found the honey and molasses. But ick, yuck, yuck! They were everywhere. It was nasty. We have had ants here and there since we lived here but never anything like that. Everything was take out of the cabinet and washed and returned to a clean cabinet with new contact paper (courtesy of my husband). We skipped cooking and had take out for dinner which resulted in a very fattening meal.

Today I am hoping for a better day. I want to leave for work around 7 and I can leave by mid afternoon so I can fit in my walk before a hair cut. No more ants!

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linda said...

I empathize with your ant battle. We have the little ones from natural predator here. My house has blue masking tape along many cracks and crevices, places ants have been found entering the house. Seems to discourage them.

I'm so sorry to hear about your co-worker. Every cancer death is like family...hits very close to home. Please tell his family I send hugs their way.

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