Sunday, June 13, 2010

A totally unrelated topic

Probably like 99% of the world, I just started following the story of Abby Sunderland - the 16 year old who tried to sail around the world. I vaguely remembered hearing about her last year that she was going to sail around the world at age 16 and thinking 'why are people so worked up about her age?' I didn't think her age was the point - but shouldn't she be in school? I really don't think parents should take children out of school for any reason - like vacations - and to miss a whole year? I just don't think that's right, unless she makes it up when she gets back. None of this business of studying on her own and graduating with her class. (Not that I have any idea what she is doing with her education, but just my thoughts.) Anyway, I don't have kids - what do I know?

My back still hates me. Perhaps I spent too much time on my feet again yesterday. I met a friend for coffee and then we went shopping. We went to Marshalls and Off Broadway shoes and the AAA travel store. Then I went to the grocery store and came home and made lunch before going out for a walk with a friend. It only rained hard for one hour yesterday and that was the hour we were walking. We were soaked. We were so soaked that my cell phone that was in my shorts pocket got damp and stopped working while it dried out - that would have been a real tragedy if it died because I have had it just over a month. My new smart phone that is smarter than me. But I digress. By the time I got back home, showered, dried off, and changed my back hurt again/still. I had to sit down for a while to recover but it still hurt. It doesn't hurt in the areas where I had the latest treatments but in other areas. This morning it still hurts - enough so that at 530 I found a lidoderm patch to put on the worst parts.

I did have a successful pasta making event. It actually was easy and came out yummy. I'll be making it again soon. Maybe whole wheat next time.

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