Monday, June 7, 2010

On brains and being brainless

I was elated to read this article this morning. Well maybe not elated but relieved, happy, or something along those lines. Basically I can say that in addition to chemo brain my middle aged (am I really middle aged?) brain which can't remember taking pills but can remember the big picture of things. So more reasons that my short term brain is gone and I can go about my life happily in my space shot way.

Going back to that term middle aged, I remember as a child reading a book that referred to a 40 year old as middle aged. I thought 'wow that is really old'. From the other side of 40, I can say 40 is not old, 40 is young, 40 is a pip squeak, 40 still needs to grow up. In reality I am still 29, but 40 is not old. What are they saying now that 40 is the new 30? Well, if I'm 29, I'm still waiting to hit the old 30.

But I digress, its Monday morning and for once I have a five day work week. This means that this morning I am meeting a friend for coffee and then going for a walk and working from home. I think I even have a week without doctor appointments. I have to double check but I think that is the case.

Its going to be a wonderful day so perhaps I'll even go out and attack my weed problem. I did get out yesterday and pulled out the lily of the valley which were suffocating my poor strawberry plants and found that I have lots of almost ripe strawberries - now I have to see if I can beat the bunnies to the strawberries. There is a line of chewed strawberries on the little stone wall. Grrr... Maybe I'll let the cat out to take care of the problem. Anyway weeding makes my back hurt, Rats.


kzhao said...

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Kristina said...

I struggle with being brainless every day, even before breast cancer, so I'm not sure anyone has noticed the difference.

My friend, Norma, is 85 and says that mentally, she still feels like she did when she was 25, so I guess there's hope for us.

Take care,
Brenda Coffee

Monica Abdelmalak said...

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