Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I hate stress

Let me make this official and make it my motto: I hate stress. Yesterday was one of those days at work where I ended up working late, getting stuck in traffic and barely getting to a doctor appointment on time. Nothing like a computer transition at work that is easy and then isn't and you're dealing with a sales person on the west coast who doesn't react to the problem and says 'I have done this hundreds of times before and its never been a problem' and who doesn't return calls. But I did take care of most of the computers at work - except the two owners and one of their wife's. Oops.

I wanted to leave work around 345 so I could go for a walk before going to my doctor appointment. I left work at 455 which gave me barely enough time to get to my 530 doctor appointment, which was really at 520. And the first traffic report I heard on getting into my car was that there was a jack-knifed tractor trailer, at the exit I was going to. And by the time I heard that and tried to call the doctor, their phones were shut down for the day so I couldn't call to say I was late.

So I rushed to the doctor and barely got there in time. But then she said my ankle is about as healed as can be expected. I should continue to see it heal over the next six months and if it doesn't then she can go in and do surgery to clean it out (remove cartilage chip and clean up ligament tear) but she doesn't expect I'll need it. Whew! Was that a 'you are going to be fine'? I am not sure I recognized it since its been so long since I heard that.

Then I headed off home but it was too late to go for a walk. So I ended up sitting in the back yard for a little bit to relax. But I was definitely stressed yesterday and I needed my walk to relax.

I also spent some time yesterday playing phone tag with my back doctor's office. I will try again this morning. I will also call my boss back from yesterday and talk to him about how to fix his computer and the other ones. Tomorrow I will have to deal with them all again. I can't go into work today because of a commitment with my other job. But I will get my daily walk in first.

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I just wanted to let you know that I saw your blog was linked to my own (Saucy and Bossy) -- that's awesome! Thank you for reading. Also, my mom is a breast cancer survivor (four years since her lumpectomy ...) and I always get choked up thinking about all that she -- and so many people have been through. I think you're awesome and I hope that your life is full of happy things and utmost health.

Take care,

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