Friday, June 11, 2010

Another failed attempt to be a normal human being

Yesterday I was foolish. I tried to be normal. Now some of you may think that would be a real stretch as what I consider normal, others may consider far from normal but the point is I tried to pretend I have a normal body.

I worked all day and then skipped my walk (egad!) because it was raining and I ran out of time before going to my networking meeting. It was a good meeting and I met lots of nice people and brought home Ben & Jerry's for my husband. But in pretending that I was normal, I stood on my feet for an hour and a half. I came home and sat down and took pain meds and ended up going to bed early simply because I needed to lie down.

Today I am going to go for a walk this morning - sometimes that helps to loosen up my back. After that I need to go to work and then get a manicure & pedicure - the highlight of my day. But its Friday which means the weekend is here and I can relax. I do have more work to do at home and might possibly work over the weekend but prefer to give myself a couple days off.

Now this was a week where I did not have a doctor appointment. I was wondering why I had some much flexibility in my schedule. This coming week I go back to my ankle doctor for either the pronouncement of 'healed' or go back to PT. I'm kind of indifferent on this. Its no longer a major problem just a pain in the neck (really ankle) when I do things like walk. My doctor appointments seem to be spacing out more which is very nice. Does this mean I'm healthy again? Not really as shown by the fact that standing for 1.5 hours puts me in pain for hours.

But now I need to get my butt in gear and get organized for the day.

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linda said...

I LOVE the photo!

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