Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm too busy worrying about this year to worry about next year yet

Apparently. now we need to start worrying about next year. The health care reform law has been passed (in case you have been sleeping in a cave and didn't hear about it) and now changes are due to start taking effect next year. So we are supposed to start thinking about that now. What if we have enough going on in our lives and can't worry about more change yet? I would prefer to wait until next year to worry about next year. So I will. I mean I know health insurance will cost more next year - it always does. So why worry?

Yesterday I forgot I was meeting a friend for lunch but then fortunately Outlook gave me a little reminder so I remembered in time to change my schedule a time. We actually had an awesome (and affordable) lunch at Nordstrom's restaurant. I highly recommend it. They do small plates, like tapas, for sharing. We had seared scallops with lemon risotto, crispy polenta with arugula salad, and crab cakes with remoulade. Yummy. We will go back.

I did get a manicure pedicure. I was considering yellow polish for sunny summer days for my toes but she didn't have yellow. I ended up with coppery brown instead. (Call me what you will but I would prefer to worry about and talk about manicures and pedicures than cancer and all sorts of medical ailments. My back hurts but my toes look good.)

Actually yesterday's big news was that finally my new lymphedema sleeves arrived. This means I now have four so I can wash three of them in the middle of the week and throw them all in the wash on the weekend instead of washing one EVERY DAY - which got old on the first day.

Today I am meeting a friend for breakfast and then another friend for a walk. I think I will make my great pasta attempt this afternoon. I have a recipe and a pasta machine. What else do I need? Oh, a plan - tossed with some fresh shaved asiago and Parmesan for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I found my old old pasta machine in the basement, so I will be joining you on this pasta adventure as soon as we get back from Wyoming. Let me know how your first batch somas out. I had a lovely pasta dish last night at flora's, fettucine with fresh morels and peas. Yumm. Rjt

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