Friday, June 18, 2010

Call me confused

Okay, I admit to a tiny bit of chemo brain which has reduced my thinking capacity but I am confused.

Earlier this week there was an article about vitamins and cancer risk (again - just a different vitamin and a different cancer). Then there is another story about sun screen and cancer risk. That's just this week. Sometimes I think the way to reduce your cancer risk is to live in a cave and never move so you don't expose yourself to any risks... But then you wouldn't be getting exercise which is needed to reduce cancer risk or sun shine which helps with Vitamin D, but sun exposure increases skin cancer risk. See, its just so confusing. I give up. I am going to do what I want (now there's a change) and ignore all the advice.

This morning I am going to 'work' from home. I really have a couple of hours of work to get through. After that I am going to the back doctor, a friend is coming over for a walk, and finally my husband should be home early from work and we are going to the beach. Now that will be a nice way to end our week.

I have been thinking about my back doctor appointment. I think I need to talk to him about what we are doing with my back. I feel like its an unending series of 'oh it hurts there? Let's stick needles in it to fix that.' Then we go on to the next area of pain and stick more needles in, etc. I want to talk to him about long term what are we doing, are there other solutions, should we talk a break from needles for a bit, is there anything else going on, are the disks degenerating more, is there a way off this roller coaster, etc? This is confusing too (which further complicates my confusion problems...)

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