Friday, May 29, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I received an automated call from Walgreens to say my prescription is ready for pick up. Well, I didn't have a prescription being filled that I knew of. I thought perhaps we forgot to pick one up recently. So I called to find out. It turns out my doctor changed my thyroid medication dosage, didn't tell me and called it into the Walgreens I used to use for prescriptions. Any long term prescriptions I get filled through mail order, which is really cheap. So today I have call back the doctor's office, get the prescription sent to the mail order service, and ask why they still haven't sent me all the reports I asked for, last week.

Also, the vet never called with any results on kitty. I called just before they closed yesterday and they said the results weren't back from the lab. They usually get them the next day but sometimes it isn't until 48 hours later so we should hear today. Its just awful to watch him hobble around. Last night he came upstairs in the middle of the night and I pulled him up on the bed where he slept. He still doesn't seem like he is in any pain which is good.

This morning I am off to my new job again and see what my new boss thinks of the work I left. After work, I will call both the doctor and the vet and get answers - I hope. Tonight we are taking a friend's son out for pizza which means, being a 19 year old, he will get a large pepperoni pizza and eat most of it and we will get a salad and a smaller pizza to share.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for taking care of my boy!

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